Kendra Resume 2012

colleaguebusiness-partnerfellow student/advisorservice-provider
Kendra and I “met” via the social media accounts we manage for our employers. She is such a kind and engaging person. She is extremely skilled at using social media effectively and I look forward to her online presence every day. Her warm and bubbly personality is like none other. Kendra is extremely supportive of her peers and brings an extensive knowledge of both solar energy AND marketing to the table.

Jennifer Toolis business-partner

I’ve been working with Kendra for a few months in the social media world. Her positive attitude and knowledge make her a pleasure to work with. Kendra actively engages in all of her social media roles, which is a rarity in an exploding field. I can always count on her to keep me focused on the daily tasks we are involved in. She is extremely supportive of others, too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kendra.

Amy Donohue business-partner

Kendra is incredibly professional, polite, and kind. Her social media efforts bring personality to the NESL brand through engaging communications and the posting of genuinely interesting content. Kendra has been able to create an image of NESL as an authority in their industry without using pushy marketing messages and tactics, and that is a very valuable accomplishment in today’s social world.

Pam Aungst business-partner

Kendra’s sunshine-filled disposition is the perfect match for promoting and educating folks on the benefits of solar energy. Kendra is a connector, inclusive in her attitude which most certainly guarantees success in the field of social media.

Bridget Willard business-partner

Kendra has been a wonderful asset to the social media community. She is engaging, and kind, two of the most important aspects in social media. She understands the in’s and out’s and where the future lies for marketing, making her invaluable.

Roxanne Roark business-partner


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