I was recently asked which helpful twitter apps I use/recommend to sort my twitter followers. Besides the normal list function in Twitter (I run TweetDeck V0.38.2 on my MacBook Pro), I will list a few I currently use as well as several new apps I haven’t tried before. I am posting screenshots of what I found and simple instructions to use the app. These are all browser-based applications ran on my Mac.

Twitilist : If you know your followers by sight, this is a good tool to quickly drag your followers into lists you create. If you don’t know your followers by avatar or handle, this one might not work for you as well. (free)

Tweepi :  Lets you see who you aren’t following back and who’s not following you back, I use this to see who hasn’t tweeted for some time and who’s not following me back. Sometimes I look for follower count to see who’s influential. (free, premium option w/ fee)


Who.unfollowed.me: Some people, often large accounts, will follow you and unfollow a few weeks later (even if you follow them). This is also a good tool to see who you want to target to get followed. Once you identify they aren’t following you, you can mention them, give them Klout, recommend them, etc… to connect with them. This app will only let you see 100 unfollowers with the free version. (free, option w/ fee)

Twitter Karma: Quickly sort/see everyone who isn’t following you back, filter by follower count or last update. (free)


Twiends: Identifies influential people/accounts based on categories, such as solar, etc… (free option)


Segmenting your followers will be very helpful in seeing the content you want quickly and keeping track of the people you want to connect with 🙂 What applications do you find helpful?


Comments on: "Twitter App Review – Lists" (2)

  1. Nice review, Kendra.

  2. Fantastic reviews, lovely and succinct!

    Bonus I learned something, you’ve reviewed tools that are outside the box (norm) and introduced a number of tools I’d never heard of.

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