If you blog, please follow these grammatical rules! I can tell you that some of these often confused words can really cut into the flow of your writing. Great blogs should be concise enough to keep your reader’s attention, but credible with a call to action. With a short amount of space, every word counts as an impression, so do your best to make it grammatically correct πŸ™‚


15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
Like this infographic? Get more copywriting tips from Copyblogger.” title=”15 Grammar Goofs from the Copyblogger”>15 Grammar Goofs from the Copyblogger


Comments on: "15 Grammar Goofs from the Copyblogger" (10)

  1. Nice infographic

  2. JennDLaidlaw said:

    Some good reminders on there! I think #9 still gets me once in a while…& although I cringe at the thought, if I am tired or being sloppy, I have a feeling #10 might make the odd appearance! Yikes!

  3. […] this very nice infographic that made me realize I’m not the only dummy on the World Wide Web.[Via]Share this:ShareFacebookRedditStumbleUponEmailDiggTags: Culture, Education, Infographic← […]

  4. Very nice one indeed. I’ve re-shared it on my blog. http://www.thezigzagger.com/2012/03/10/grammar-goofs/

  5. […] I know, we all have our momentary lapses. But with the help of the infographic below, those lapses can come less frequently. It shines light on the usual culprits, such as the tricky it’s/its decision and affect versus effect. The infographic also shines light on how to properly use the apostrophe and the correct spellings of commonly misspelled words. A few words left off this list that I always had trouble with were definitely and sandwiches. What are some of your trouble words? [Via] […]

  6. […] I always had trouble with were definitely and sandwiches. What are some of your trouble words? [Via] […]

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